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Get a list of all available Open Homes and times in the Highlands area by CONTACTING THIS BROKER.

If you would like to see or visit Open Homes  that are available in the Highlands/Cashiers area, CONTACT THIS BROKER. He will be happy to share with you the schedule of open homes by all area brokers.


Perhaps the better question would be, “Is there a benefit to having an open home?” Let’s look at a few statistics:

42% of home buyers FIRST STEP is looking on line.
13% of home sales were in rural areas.
2% of home sales were in vacation/resort areas.

“…more home buyers used the Internet as the first step of their search than any other option.”
(Source: National Association of Realtors 2015 report)

According to the figures above, the Internet has become the main source for selling homes. There is an even larger increase in tablet and mobile device searches.  As a result, here are a few other reports about the value of Open Homes:

“Sometimes a house’s location, style or condition can make it a bad candidate for an open house. For example, a remote or hard-to-access location can sabotage the benefits of drive-by traffic, says Coates, or it can discourage potential buyers from showing up altogether. If you’re more than two or three turns away from a major intersection, think twice about holding an open house,” he advises. Unlike pre-Internet days, buyers’ expectations today are skewed by what they’ve already seen of your house online. ‘It used to be the first impression was the drive-by,’ says DeSimone. ‘Now the first impression is hitting the Internet.'” (source: – italics added)

Today, outside of hot markets like San Francisco, San Jose, and New York, open houses are less useful than ever for selling a home.  Real estate websites have replaced them. Most buyers find houses online in the middle of the night, when the kids are asleep, comparing one listing site to the next, clicking through slideshows, and scanning every angle of every photo. Websites, virtual tours, and virtually furnished floor plans are all used to find houses buyers deem worthy of actually visiting. Qualified buyers simply won’t waste time visiting houses they haven’t already checked out online.  The truth is, open houses are a waste of time. Don’t believe me? Ask the National Association of Realtors®, which reported that, in 2014, only 9% of buyers found the home they eventually purchased at an open house.(source: – Italics added)


For more information on these and other Open Homes schedules, contact a Top Listing Agent that knows how to sell your home.


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