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Current information on land and home sales in Highlands, Cashiers, Franklin, Lake Glenville, Sapphire and Lake Toxaway. Data is based upon several resources.

Second Home Sales Strengthen

Strength in Numbers

While the number of home sales in Highlands/Cashiers area have not climbed, buyers have shown a favorable increase in the purchase of higher priced homes. This would seem to indicate a stronger second home market is on the rise.

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Bumpy Road – No Cause for Panic

Home Sales Worst Since 2015

While this statement is true, it’s no cause for alarm. Overall market trends and signs for the Highlands/Cashiers Real Estate Market have many positive indicators. Many more homes are currently under contract and inventory is reducing. Let’s take a closer look at the market before we make any drastic decisions.

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Hottest Real Estate Market in Years

Highlands/Cashiers Real Estate Market Heating Up

Whiles the real estate market for Highlands, Cashiers, Glenville and surrounding areas has been somewhat sluggish in the past, things have really heated up. Homes sales are the highest they’ve been in years. Land has seen a slight increase. Is this good news or bad news?

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“Up, Up and Away…” Highlands, Cashiers Real Estate

Highlands/Cashiers Real Estate Market Holding Promise

Real Estate can be fickle. Many new brokers may not last because they simply don’t understand markets and that not all markets are the same. While some markets have been doing well for some time, Highlands/Cashiers area has had its struggles. Current trends are on the upside and may soon bring some relief to many Sellers and their agents. Continue reading “Up, Up and Away…” Highlands, Cashiers Real Estate

Real Estate at Its Best?

A Change in The Weather

Bald Rock in Sapphire, NC is a beautiful development. My wife and I are staying on top of the mountain there this week. The views are endless and it’s exciting to see the change in the weather, as seen in the photograph above from the porch. However, the weather is not the only change. Real Estate in Highlands and Cashiers area is seeing remarkable change. This is just spring. What does this summer hold for real estate sales in the area? Continue reading Real Estate at Its Best?

A New Real Estate Market for Cashiers

Change is Coming, Fast!

We are definitely enjoying the warmer climate in the mountains. Tree’s are budding, bluets are showing, nice breezes, and people are getting outside. It seems the worst is behind us. The real estate market in Highlands/Cashiers is seeing a great change as well.  Will it get as hot as our Summer Temps? Continue reading A New Real Estate Market for Cashiers

Cashiers Real Estate on Rise

Cashiers Area Real Estate – New Beginnings

While last January saw the largest increase in real estate sales for the Highlands/Cashiers area, February showed no increase, nor did it show a decline. The two months combined still show a 31.25% increase in the total number of homes sold compared to average of previous years. While it’s still too early to tell what 2018 holds in store for real estate, the overall market view is promising. Continue reading Cashiers Real Estate on Rise

Cashiers Real Estate Rising

2018 Real Estate Market on The Rise

January 2018 showed a 74% increase in the number of homes sold, compared with January of 2017.  The 2017 year closed with an overall increase of 11.7% more homes sold than 2016. This was also reflected in the total dollar volume increase. Is this a start of things to come for 2018? This would certainly mean good news for Sellers.

Single Family Home Sales Statistics
Land Sales Statistics
Overall Market View

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